We would like to thank all Biewer Terrier Breeders who have submitted your applications for registration with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America. Please be sure to read the entire application thoroughly, being careful to answer all required information. Also, please check to make sure that you have signed the application in all required areas. This will aid BTRA in being able to process your applications in a timely manner. 

Registration fees for NON BTCA, Inc. members are as follows: 

Single Dog Registration Fee ~ $35.00
Litter Processing Fee ~ $35.00 

To request DNA kitsVet DNA Center

There is a one time fee of $25.00 to register your kennel name. You must be a breeder with BTRA registered purebred Biewer Terriers. Your kennel will be assigned a number which will be included in the registration number issued to all puppies or dogs you register. Your kennel name cannot contain any derogatory or discriminatory words, nor parts of a registered kennel name that could cause confusion or in any way mislead the general public.  

Please fill in the registration form with the Kennel name you would like to register, making sure that all the spelling is correct.  Payment may be made  through PayPal, there is a service fee of  $1.30,  totaling $26.30

Picture may be sumbitted with or without the name.
The Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA, Inc.) is getting many requests from the public on how to go about transferring their current registrations on their Biewers to the Biewer Terrier Registry of America (BTRA).  Please understand that BTRA holds the purist lines of Biewer Terriers tested against the genetic marker in place for the Biewer Terrier.  MARS Veterinary holds the genetic marker for the purebred Biewer Terrier thus the reason for the requirement for testing.

BTRA will require your Biewer undergo the Wisdom Panel cheek swab test 4.0. This test can only be purchased at the Wisdom Panel website: 
http://www.wisdompanel.com/wisdom-panel-4-0/. During the activation process, you will state you are testing for purebred. The new test provides 6 more individual tests in order to make a better assessment of the dog.  This new test also provides a coat color analysis, so it is no longer necessary to do one with DDC any longer.

Once you obtain the certificate from Wisdom Panel stating you have a “Biewer Terrier” you need to get a DNA profile on your dog.  Click on the following link to see what Mars results are acceptable, Mars Results
To order your DNA profile test, click on the following link:

If you have any questions concerning your registrations, please contact Tamara at BTRA2007@msn.com
At the time of application, all dogs applying for initial BTRA Registration with no prior parental BTRA registration must meet the following requirements:


1) Dogs must be purebred Biewer Terrier.

2) Puppies from any litter born prior to the Initial Registration of the sire and/or dam will be treated as individuals; each puppy must meet the Initial Registration Requirements.

3) The Biewer Terrier Registry of America is dedicated to establishing pure bloodlines within the Biewer Terrier breed, that is why we will only register known traceable bloodlines. 

4) When applying for a litter registration, both parents must be BTRA registered.

5) Applicant dogs already registered as “NOT FOR BREEDING” by another registry will only be registered as “NOT FOR BREEDING” by BTRA.

6) Applicant adult dogs with “RESTRICTED REGISTRATION - NOT FOR BREEDING” status are not required to provide DNA Profiling, but may do so on a voluntary basis for informational and tracking purposes.

7) Applicant dogs with “FULL REGISTRATION - BREEDING” Status must be DNA profiled by BTRA. If the applicant dog has already been DNA'd via another laboratory, that certificate of DNA will be acceptable in order to receive registration with BTRA; however, if that applicant dog produces offspring, it will become necessary for the applicant dog to have a DNA certificate on file with BTRA that can be cross referenced in order to insure parentage and protect the accuracy of the database. 

All applications for dogs applying for Initial Registration must include CERTIFIED pedigrees covering AT LEAST 3 generations, including all registration numbers, from all the registries in which the applicant dog, its parents, and its grandparents are currently or were registered. BTRA must be able to verify purebred status of applicant dog via pedigree, Mars testing and DNA/Coat Color analysis. 

"​BTRA reserves the right to refuse registration on any applicant"

Litter Registration Requirements:

We will be continuing the alphabetical naming system. We feel this helps the breeder keep better and more accurate records. Names can not be more than 45 characters.

When you receive your puppy registration certificate package, each puppy will have been assigned a registration number at that time. When the new owners send in the completed puppy registration certificate they will receive a registration certificate in their name.

1) Complete and submit Initial BTRA Litter Registration Application. When you fill out the litter application make sure you put the full  name of each puppy and state whether it is Male or Female. Names can not be more than 45 characters.

2) Submit a color photo of the litter with the mother.

Single Dog Registration Requirements:

3) Complete and submit Initial BTRA Single Registration Application.

4) Submit a photocopy of the applicant dog’s registration certificate.

5) Submit photocopy of DNA profile certificate or use BTRA for DNA profiling and your copy will already be submitted.

6) Submit color photo to be used on registration.

7) If a dog is already registered with another registry, that registered name will remain the same. 

8) If the applicant dog is not accepted for Initial Registration with BTRA, the registration fee will be returned. Applications and photos will be retained by the BTRA as part of their Registry files. 
or send a check for $25.00 along with the kennel name you want to register to, Deb Sidle: 2323 State Rout 72, Jonestown, Pa. 17038
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Foundation Stock Service Parent Club
After much consideration, the board has recognized the fact that the Biewer Terrier may carry and produce colors not accepted in the standard. Because of the other possible breeds that went into the creation of the Biewer Terrier we realize that the brown “b” gene may express itself.  

For this reason we are requesting that AKC follow the guidelines set forth by the BTCA, Inc... Any color other than what is noted in the standard will be a Disqualification. For registration purposes, we will accept the following colors as a variety of the Biewer Terrier. (Chocolate/Brown, Tan and White). Solid colors are unacceptable.

The following colors codes will be noted on the BTRA registration of each dog carrying of these colors; Bb, Bb2, bb. If you have tested your dog and it came back clear- BB, you may request that color code be added to your dog’s registration.

Description of color codes;
Carriers of the brown gene - Bb and Bb2
Chocolate/Brown, tan and white - bb

We do not feel at this time that the colors Chocolate/Brown, Tan and White are not significant enough to be recognized for show. The standard may be revised in 5 years and if you feel that the Liver/Chocolate dog is deserving of recognition, you may work on perfecting the colors and approach the board for a revision at that time. 

The board has always considered what is best for the breed and we feel we have to acknowledge all things concerning the Biewer Terrier. We would like to look at all aspects of the Biewer breed so as not to encounter any issues 5 or 10 years down the line. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact the board so that we may work together on the betterment of our breed.