The Biewer Terrier Registry of America is dedicated to building a reliable, accurate data base for the verification and registration of purebred Biewer Terrier dogs and puppies in America. We are passionate about building a solid foundation for the advancement and betterment of the Biewer Terrier. 

The Biewer Terrier is a purebred of its own and not a Yorkshire Terrier. The BTRA is the only registry set up for the Biewer Terrier breed and feel it is important for the foundation we are developing in America to reflect the correct name for recognition as a breed of its own.   

The Biewer Terrier Registry of America welcomes all purebred Biewer Terriers whether they are for showing, breeding or just a family companion. The BTRA is open to all approved Biewer Terrier Breeders, regardless of club affiliation. 

The Biewer Terrier Registry of America provides official pedigree and registration documentation verifying the purebred lineage of our registered Biewer Terriers.

Gene pool diversity can be a problem with any rare breed and the Biewer Terrier Registry of America is trying to address this issue by uniting all purebred Biewer Terrier breeders together to protect and secure the longevity of this wonderful rare breed. Only through a reliable database (registry) and the exchange of accurate detailed information will the Biewer Terrier be able to maintain its quality status and healthy lines.

With the popularity of the Biewer growing in America, there are many people trying to imitate the look and pass these imitations off as purebred Biewer Terriers. BTRA is working closely with the BTCA, Inc. through proper testing, and involving our dogs in genetic studies to verify the purity of our of our dogs. Don't be fooled by the copycats. 

When purchasing a purebred Biewer Terrier, 
look for the Biewer Terrier Registry Banner of Excellence. 
This is your way of knowing that you are receiving a true, 
DNA-Verified purebred Biewer Terrier dog or puppy. 

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Biewer Terrier Registry of America™

The dedication and devotion of our members, to adhere to the strict guidelines it takes to develop a new breed, are to be commended. It has not been an easy road but the rewards have been monumental. With the advancement of science in the dog world, the BTCA members are using the many tools available to them in order to better their breeding programs resulting in BTRA dogs being superior in quality, color, and confirmation.

We will be working closely with AKC while making the transition into full acceptance. AKC will only be accepting BTRA registered dogs, as it is the only purebred Biewer Terrier registry in America. The requirements are posted here on our BT Registry Page and on the BTCA website in order to assist all those wishing to have their Biewers registered with BTRA. The protocol that has been in place for years, for anyone seeking to register their purebred dogs with BTRA, will remain the same.

If you are interested in being a participant in the development of the purebred BIEWER TERRIER, we will do all we can to guide you through the Biewer Terrier registration process. We will also be available, at any time, to answer any and all questions that may arise during your registration. Please contact

The BTCA Board cordially invites you to join the BTCA, a community of dedicated and knowledgeable breeders that are willing and ready to assist you in getting to know the Biewer Terrier whether a breeder or a pet owner.
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Parent Club
If you have any questions regarding membership contact:
Doni Cervantes at:

Questions regarding non-BTRA registered dogs email:
After much consideration, the board has recognized the fact that the Biewer Terrier may carry and produce colors not accepted in the standard. Because of the other possible breeds that went into the creation of the Biewer Terrier we realize that the brown “b” gene may express itself.  

For this reason we are requesting that AKC follow the guidelines set forth by the BTCA, Inc... Any color other than what is noted in the standard will be a Disqualification. For registration purposes, we will accept the following colors as a variety of the Biewer Terrier. (Chocolate/Brown, Tan and White). Solid colors are unacceptable.

The following colors codes will be noted on the BTRA registration of each dog carrying of these colors; Bb, Bb2, bb. If you have tested your dog and it came back clear- BB, you may request that color code be added to your dog’s registration.

Description of color codes;
Carriers of the brown gene - Bb and Bb2
Chocolate/Brown, tan and white - bb

We do not feel at this time that the colors Chocolate/Brown, Tan and White are not significant enough to be recognized for show. The standard may be revised in 5 years and if you feel that the Liver/Chocolate dog is deserving of recognition, you may work on perfecting the colors and approach the board for a revision at that time. 

The board has always considered what is best for the breed and we feel we have to acknowledge all things concerning the Biewer Terrier. We would like to look at all aspects of the Biewer breed so as not to encounter any issues 5 or 10 years down the line. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact the board so that we may work together on the betterment of our breed.